How does WAY TO GO support employers?

A question the WAY TO GO team often receives from commuters is, “How can I encourage my employer to become invested in supporting greener transportation options?”

In addition to all the services and programs we offer to commuters, WAY TO GO also works directly with employers, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce and other workforce partners to improve workforce transportation access and shift transportation habits.

WAY TO GO helps business leaders across the region:

  • Understand transportation challenges facing their workforce and support employees.
  • Make connections with others interested in creating a more sustainable transportation future for our region.
  • Learn best practices and develop and implement custom commute plans.
  • Support workplace culture and boost hiring and retention rates.


WAY TO GO accomplishes all the above with our suite of employer services:

  • Consulting Services: WAY TO GO collaborates one-on-one with employers to build a customized, flexible assessment of commuting landscapes to identify cost-effective solutions to workforce transportation challenges.
  • Employee Carpool Matching: WAY TO GO makes it easy to empower employees to form carpools or find greener ways to get to work with the WAY TO GO app.
  • Outreach and Transportation Education: The WAY TO GO team is available to table, present at a lunch and learn, or host in-person or virtual workshops to educate an employer’s workforce on their options.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program: WAY TO GO reimburses enrolled sustainable commuters up to two taxi, Uber or Lyft rides home in case of emergency or illness. This is an incredibly valuable benefit to all commuters throughout the region.

Whether you’re an employee interested in connecting us with your employer or you’re a business leader, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on LinkedIn [link to new LinkedIn page] or reach out to to get in touch!

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