Educators who carpool together set positive example for students 

As educators, Kelly Finn and Sarah Holmes try to set an example for their students at St. Teresa’s Academy by carpooling to work together.

“I think we both have a desire to make a difference in those small ways; kind of moving away from that idea of, ‘Oh gosh, I’m just one person,’’’ said Finn, director of Innovation & Advanced Interdisciplinary Education at St. Teresa’s Academy.  

The carpool also creates a space and time for them to decompress, connect and problem solve as educators. 

“We get the added benefit of planning in the car, as well, during that long drive. We have such a shared mentality around teaching and what we want to impart on our students, so it’s that great talk time,” said Finn. “It’s quality time of being able to bounce things off each other, talk through an idea, decompress. We try to help each other be the best versions of ourselves.” 

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