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We help you find a better way to ride, walk and roll to where you’re going.

If you’re a commuter, business leader, resident or visitor, WAY TO GO can help you navigate the many transportation options in the Kansas City area. We make sustainable transportation an easy choice by providing educational resources, consulting services, fun events and connections to local advocacy opportunities. Together we can manage congestion, keep our air clean and create a more climate-friendly future for the region.

Plan Your Trip

Type in where you want to go, and we’ll show you all the ways to get there. WAY TO GO’s free trip planner and ride-matching tool lets you compare travel options, find carpool partners, track stats like reduced carbon emissions, money saved and calories burned, gain access to local discounts and compete in challenges.

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Join the Fun

Challenge yourself and your community to bike, walk, carpool, ride the bus or streetcar or vanpool to work this fall. Join the 15th annual Green Commute Challenge and enjoy rewards and a chance to win great prizes. 

Guaranteed Ride Home

Carpooling or taking transit to work doesn’t mean you’re stranded if an emergency comes up. WAY TO GO has you covered with the free Guaranteed Ride Home program.

If you regularly take the bus, carpool, vanpool, scooter, streetcar, walk, roll or bike to work, register for our Guaranteed Ride Home program and we’ll get you home in case of an emergency or illness.

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Our Rebrand Story

For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping commuters around the Kansas City region find greener, cost-saving ways to reach the important places in their lives.

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